Heather Burky

my philosophy

I believe that nothing is worth watching if it doesn't make you feel something. A good film or documentary should have you walking away with some kind of feeling, whether it be sad, hopeful, angry, excited or enlightened. One of the worst things is to spend thirty or more minutes watching a film and feeling nothing when it's done.

I enjoy watching films and documentaries that make me question the world that I live in and what my beliefs are, or were. I love learning and I love teaching. One of my favorite childhood teachers made us write at the top of our paper everyday, “Knowledge is Power”. She was a very wise woman and I am grateful that I was able to learn from her.

Through filmmaking I hope to not only create art that people can appreciate and enjoy watching, but I also hope to help them gain some sort of knowledge or insight into something they didn't know before they watched my film. I want my audience to walk away thinking, “Wow. That was really good”.

Demo Reel


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